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 Black Ghost [Cyborg 009] {11/5/08}

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PostSubject: Black Ghost [Cyborg 009] {11/5/08}   Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:02 am

Number: None.
Alias: Black Ghost.
Nicknames: None.
Place of Birth: N/A.
D.O.B: N/A.
Zodiac Sign: N/A.
Age: N/A.
Gender: Male.
Nationality: N/A.
Weight: N/A
Personality: Evil.
Occupation before capture: N/A
The tyrannical leader of the Black Ghost Organization (its main mission is to cause war between two global powers by dealing weapons). His true identity is not known because he wears a helmet, which looks like a skull, and an all-black suit (which appears to have what looks like ribs) followed by a red cape. His given name is, according to some sources, Skull.

Skull was almost killed when the 9 cyborgs entered Black Ghost's Base (what they thought was Black Ghost HQ until later in the manga and anime) and set explosives leaving 009 and Black Ghost to fight one-on-one. It is revealed that Black Ghost is not only a cyborg, but a highly advanced cyborg, soundly defeating 009 using his superior acceleration mode. Only a last ditch effort managed to save the nine cyborgs (009 held on to Black Ghost whilst plummeting into what looked like a vat of liquid nitrate and then 001 teleported 009 to safety). It is not known how Black Ghost survived the explosion.

In addition to Black Ghost apparently being a cyborg himself (which is revealed in both the manga and anime), the true leaders of the Black Ghost Organization turn out to be three brains (this is revealed in the final episode of the anime and the final pages of the manga).

Although the 3 brains were destroyed in the end, they claim to be only a part of the entire Black Ghost organization. They claim that the Black Ghost organization were universal and they were just the leaders of the Earth branch of Black Ghost.

Cybernetic Ability: Not much is known, but he has an accelerator

{Copied this from my TC profile for Black Ghost, he's the major villain from Cyborg 009!
[And I'm sorry if you can't read this with the font colour, that's his colour. xD;;; ]}

Save your fears, take your place.
Save them for the Judgement Day.
Fast and free.
Follow me.
Time to make the sacrifice.
We rise or fall.
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Black Ghost [Cyborg 009] {11/5/08}
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