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 Brangwynn Boarding Academy For Gifted Students

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PostSubject: Brangwynn Boarding Academy For Gifted Students   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:29 am

Name: Dawn
Age: 16
Gender: female
Eye Color: Dawn's eyes are a deep, beautiful blue. eye pic
Hair Description: Dawn has long, soft hair. She uses a French shampoo that works wonders on her hair and makes it smooth and soft, not to mention the vanilla aroma that comes with it. Some people might call her hair 'dirty blonde'. She calls herself neither a blonde nor a brunet. She's a mix. ;-]
Skin Tone: Dawn has a tan skin color. It isn't really dark, it is a nice, light tan.
Height: Dawn used to be rather short-it was in her family blood. When she turned 13, though, she shot up a bit to be tall-but only considered tall in her family.
Weight: On good days, Dawn weighs around 130 pounds
Personality: She is tom-boyish, but is one of those people who love romantic(...italian restaurant, by the river at sunset...etc...) She loves to tell her side of the story and get into full-heated debates on literally anything. She has a keen intellect and strong will. Dawn is celestial and pleasant. She is a great friend and achieves that wonderful inner balance. She handles situations calmly, thinking of the pros and cons before making a decision. She is feisty. But she is also very fragile, and should be handled carefully. She is loyal to all of her friends, never judging too quickly on those wanting to become friends. She trusts her friends, it takes a long time to fully have done this, but if that bond is broken for any reason, it takes even longer to gain back. She has had heart heart broken many a time. You have to win her heart. She learns from her mistakes. She loves to sing a hopes, that she will one day be very successful doing that, and have a family that includes kids and her one true love who, she believes is out there...somewhere
Clothing Styles/Favorite Outfit, etc: She wears spaghetti-strap shirts and jeans then are tight around the calf and loosens the lower it gets. They always cover her shoelaces
Likes: twilight (time and book), singing, soccer
Dislikes: house cats, bragging, boys prying to get to her heart. (she knows who the right one is when she sees it)
Fears: her worst enemy, science exams
Loves: everything she likes
Social Disposition: Dawn is very friendly and tries to make friends with everyone she meets.
Personal History: Dawn lived a very... strange life. Her mother died when Dawn was young. She had lived a happy eight years with her mother and father. When her mother passed, however, her father became very strange. He starved her. She had to cook the food while he drank at the kitchen table. She would give him the food and have to sit at the table and watch him before washing dishes and then going off to bed. School was actually a relief for her, but going to a friends house or anywhere fun, was a never. Half a year later, her father tried to attack her when he was drunk. Dawn tried to push him off when she discovered her powers. She was frightened at first. She had only read about things like that at school. It actually knocked some sense into him for a minute and he knew why he had them. He stomped out of the room and called someone. The next day, he'd packed all her things and was sent to a friend's house who worked with her and her powers. She was then sent off to Brangwynn, where she stays now.
Ancestry: Italian on her dad's side; Roman on her mom's
Pets/Pet History: Her dad's friend got her her favorite dog, an Alaskan husky, which she named sakota.
Power Selected:

known powers

Wind: This is Dawn's main power-and the only one she knows of so far. She has been working on it for a long time. She is very powerful in this power and can reach very strong winds with high wind-speeds. The highest speed she has reached was 250 miles per hour. This was a great accomplishment for her. It was almost as fast as the average tornado speeds, but it made her very tired and exhausted for two days. She could walk, and running or even jogging was out of the picture. She couldnít even morph into her tigress transformation. She can send sudden gusts of wind at opponents. Some are so strong they can knock them backwards. She can change direction of the wind so her prey will not smell her before she pounces (in her tigress form). She can also use this o help her speed up. The pressure of the wind behind her can push her, but she has to have the lower body strength to achieve this power. If her legs canít keep up, she just falls on her face. The fastest she has gone was 25 mph. (Dawn knows that beats a world record, but doesnít want to be public that way.)

unknown powers

Electricity: Evil, right. Mwa ha ha ha ha. Actually, only God knows how powerful this is. Dawn doesnít know about it, so there is no telling how powerful it will beÖ

Tongue: ah, the speaking to animals. But it doesnít just come to her she has to learn it. But this power makes her a fast learner of foreign languages. She can listen to languages that she hasnít even heard of and understand what the are saying. Speaking and hearing animals is the easiest, but maybe other, human, languages are in her future when she discovers this power.

Power mimicry: The ability to mimic anotherís power. She has to have been a victim of this power. She canít mimic all powers and only for a while. The time varies. It could be 20 minute, 20 hours, or even 20 seconds.

Burn: It's not as powerful as it sounds, depending on how powerful Dawn makes it. But it is a touch burn. She touches something, she scorches it, or she might born it to ashes...

Walking on water: it all depends on how rough or clean the water isÖ

Animal Transformation: Dawn can transform into a beautiful white bengal tigress. She is as fast as the wind... literally...and has a keen sense of smell and sight. Her claws are sharp and always prepared. She had a powerful pounced and has not lost a battle against any animal... or human.
Other: A visual picture of Dawn

I am very serious when it comes to role-playing.
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Brangwynn Boarding Academy For Gifted Students
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