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 Angel Bauledaire & Owen Mallord (DNA Roleplay [I changed their names])

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PostSubject: Angel Bauledaire & Owen Mallord (DNA Roleplay [I changed their names])   Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:35 pm

Name: Angel Bauldelaire
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Experiment #: 219
Hair: Long Brownish-Black
Eye color: Greenish-blue cat eyes
DNA characteristics: spotted cheetah ears, striped and spotted cheetah tail, sharp teeth and claws, birthmark as a cheetah spot under her eye, and cat like eyes
Personality: when she was kidnapped for experiments, her mood changed from a childish girl who loved everything princess-y, to tomboyish and over-emotional. but she gets along with just about everybody. her best friends are Erica and Owen. She tries to get along with Luna and her brother but it never seems to work. she talks to Erica all the time while she just studders in front of Owen because she secretly likes him. And she loves to call him "Wolfy"
Time in lab: 1-2 years

Name: Owen Mallord
Gender: Male
DNA: Wolf
Experiment #: 220
Hair: short Grayish-black
Eye color: pale silverish-blue
DNA characteristics: Gray and black wolf ears, Black and gray tail, sharp teeth and claws (claws are black), birthmark of an eye patch shaped like a wolf spot over his eye
Personality: once he was lidnapped he changed quickly from a loud, crazy teenager, to a shy sensitve boy. his best friend are Erica and Angel. he talks to both of them like nothing's wrong, but he always sneaks behind Angel and tries to play with her hair. he likes her secretly but he doesn't know Angel feels the same. He loves to call her "Spots"
Time in lab: 1-2 years
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Angel Bauledaire & Owen Mallord (DNA Roleplay [I changed their names])
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