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 Yuriko the Cyborg Puppy {Cyborg 009} [12/21/08]

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PostSubject: Yuriko the Cyborg Puppy {Cyborg 009} [12/21/08]   Mon Dec 22, 2008 1:54 pm

Number: None
Alias: Yuriko
Gender: Female
Age: 9 weeks
D.o.B.: July....sometime....
P.o.B.: Florence, Italy
Breed: German Sheperd
Height: Appox. 3/4 ft. tall
Weight: 9 lbs.
Personality: Shy. Persistant. A smart-alec. (Lol)
Appearance: Yuriko Puppy
Bio: She was one of many puppies taken in and put up for sale in Erika's father's pet shop in Florence, she developed a liking towards Erika and since she hadn't been sold, Erika adopted her.
Cybernetic Ability: Retractable metal claws, great for digging.
She was also given a special translator that let's her speak and understand human language.

{She's the puppy I got from Tori over the summer. My father told me to put her outside, saying my neighbor's dogs wouldn't hurt her. They let their dogs outside, I look out there and they're terrorizing the crap outta her and I couldn't do anything about it because I couldn't get the door open. Ten minutes later I go outside and she's sitting in the middle of the yard DEAD. They say it was the heat, but she was too small to even leave the back porch! Anyway, me and my friend Cami came up with idea to make her into a Cyborg, so here she is. C: }
P.S.: Every time I look at that picture I want to cry. :C

Save your fears, take your place.
Save them for the Judgement Day.
Fast and free.
Follow me.
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We rise or fall.
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Yuriko the Cyborg Puppy {Cyborg 009} [12/21/08]
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