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 Katherine Haas, Paranoid-Schizofrenic Pryromaniac. {Lehrer Boarding School} [1/9/09]

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PostSubject: Katherine Haas, Paranoid-Schizofrenic Pryromaniac. {Lehrer Boarding School} [1/9/09]   Sun Jan 11, 2009 9:20 am

Name: Katherine Haas
Nickname(s): Kitt. (preferred to be called this.)
Age: 16
Gender: Female.
Personality: Social, but very timid and paranoid around people she doesn't know particularly well. She's Schizophrenic, meaning she'll occasionally hear voices in her head, but she doesn't usually listen to what they say unless its said in repetition. She suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, and she has somewhat of a bad temper if you talk bad about her.
She also has a distinct love for fire..
Appearance: Kitt
Bio: For most of her life she's lived with her parents, the year she turned 13 her house was broken into, with her being the only one to witness the perpetrator. The stranger killed both of her parents in their sleep. Soon after, she moved to live with her grandparents, who happened to be the only family she had left. After awhile, her grandparents brought up the subject of why she occasionally had odd little conversations with herself. (She's been Schizophrenic all her life, her parents just never thought anything of it.) So she told them. They thought she was crazy and started treating her like she was. When she turned 15 she had had enough of them. She set fire to her grandparents' house with them in it.
That's when she learned her love for fire.
A few months after, she was caught in the act of setting fire to another house. She was then deemed mentally ill, and sent to Lehrer.
Se's been there ever since.
Electives: German & Fine Arts

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Katherine Haas, Paranoid-Schizofrenic Pryromaniac. {Lehrer Boarding School} [1/9/09]
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