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 RolePlay 4-1-1 ~ Rules and Guidelines.

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PostSubject: RolePlay 4-1-1 ~ Rules and Guidelines.   Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:14 am

Here's a nice set of rules, oh joy, rules.. But don't worry, it isn't as much as you think.

1. Please Post your character's profile in the profile section before you use that character in RP. {You may have more than one character, canons for fandom RPs are allowed too (A canon is a character from something on television, and a fandom is that thing on television.)Crossover RPs are allowed also [And encouraged!]}

2. No GodModing or PowerPlaying {Taking control of someone's character/suddenly being able to do something that is flippin' awesome that you couldn't do before.}

3. For those of you preps Who want to ruin everything for us, post anything in here that ISN'T RP, AND YOU'RE AUTOMATICALLY BANNED.

4. Please, try to post more than one sentence when you RP, a one-sentence post every once in awhile is okay, but a million one sentence posts in a row is very uneventful.

5. Please, please, PLEASE! When talking out of character please post some form of Ooc!
{Ex:// {OoC:// Something like this. Use brackets or just typ OoC in a small font size along with your Out of Character message.}}

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RolePlay 4-1-1 ~ Rules and Guidelines.
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