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 Erika DellaPenna/ 0015 [Cyborg 009] {10/5/08}

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PostSubject: Erika DellaPenna/ 0015 [Cyborg 009] {10/5/08}   Mon Oct 06, 2008 2:50 am

Number; 0015

Alias; Erika DellaPenna

Gender; Female

Age; 15 (19 after 4 year stasis)

D.o.B.; 3/13/????

P.o.B.; Florence, Italy

Nationality; Italian

Height; 5'11"

Weight; 129.5 lbs.

Personality; Quiet. Blunt. Initiative. {PreMod; Kind. Intelligent. Persistant.}

Appearance; Long, dark brown hair, brown eyes, 00-uniform in black and yellow. {Yellow buttons/scarf, Black uniform.}

Born to a Japanese mother and an Italian father, she was separated from her mother and older sister at the age of 3 years old.
Most of her life, she's lived with her father working in his pet store in Italy. When her mother left, her father came down with an unusual case of paranoia, causing him to believe Erika made her mother leave. He slowly began blaming her for mostly everything he could, but no matter what he did, she stayed with him. She was captured by Black Ghost agents when they tricked her into believing her father was in an accident a few blocks away from their pet store.
While she was being modified, in an attempt of making her lose her humanity and her memories they messed with her brain a bit, the result was semi-sucessful; she lost some of her memory, and her personality was also greatly affected. (She might seem a bit bipolar at times, because her mood changes randomly sometimes due to a small glitch that occurred when they modified her.)

Cybernetic Ability; She is able to create illusionary images by manipulating light waves. She also has an acceleration module.

Save your fears, take your place.
Save them for the Judgement Day.
Fast and free.
Follow me.
Time to make the sacrifice.
We rise or fall.
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Erika DellaPenna/ 0015 [Cyborg 009] {10/5/08}
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